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Endesa has installed 3.5 million new meters

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Endesa has installed 3.5 million new meters

Endesa has installed 3.5 million new meters

Smart metering controls electricity consumption and other operations remotely thanks to a state-of-the-art communications system between Endesa and smart meters, which have replaced traditional electricity meters.

Developed jointly by Endesa and Enel, the system is based on Enel’s tried and tested solutions and Endesa’s wide-ranging experience. Endesa has tailored it to its business needs and to the Spanish regulatory framework. As the driving force behind 33 million metering devices around the world, the effectiveness of Enel’s technology has made it a global benchmark.

Smart metering is based on telemetry.  Installing a telemetric device transforms the customer relationship. New Spanish and European regulations require the introduction of smart meters to encourage consumers to play an active role in the electricity market and thus improve energy efficiency. To comply with these regulations, Endesa is replacing all meters for customers with contracted power of up to 15 kW: the residential supply segment.

Endesa, the foremost and groundbreaking expert in smart metering, boasts the largest number of smart meters on a countrywide basis. Its Operations Centre was inaugurated in October 2010. Between 2011 and 2018 electricians authorised by Endesa Distribución will replace a total of 13 million meters.

Under no circumstances must you pay the technician who replaces your meter.

For more information you can click in Endesa webpage or see the following video.

Source: Endesa webpage

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